First LastCredentials TitleInstitutesession title
HandanAcarPhD Assistant Professor OU Peggy and Charles Stephenson School of Biomedical EngineeringUniversity of Oklahoma 
DarrinAkinsPhD Associate Dean for Research, College of MedicineUniversity of Oklahoma College of Medicine 
Daniel G.AndersonPhD Professor, Dept of Chemical EngineeringMIT, Institute for Medical Engineering and Science
Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology
David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Delivery systems for In vivo genome editing and cell therapy
Julia E.BabenseePhD Associate Professor
Wallace H. Coulter Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory UniversityImmunomodulation strategies using biomaterials
WeiChenPhD Professor and Dean of College of Mathematics and ScienceUniversity of Central Oklahoma 
KunChengPhD Professor, School of PharmacyUniversity of Missouri – Kansas CityDevelopment of IKBKE siRNA nanocomplex for the treatment of triple negative breast
IanCorbinMSc, PhD Associate Professor Advanced Imaging Research Center, Internal Medicine Digestive and Liver DiseaseUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical Center“A Novel Nanomedicine Strategy for Combating Liver Cancer”
YizhouDongPhD Associate Professor, Division of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology, College of PharmacyThe Ohio State UniversityDevelopment of nanomaterials for mRNA therapeutics and genome editing
AgataExnerPhD Professor of Radiology, Department of RadiologyCase Western Reserve UniversityBig Insights from Tiny Bubbles: Exploring the possibilities of nanoscale
ultrasound contrast agents in cancer molecular imaging
WeiGuoPhD Professor, Department of BiologyUniversity of Pennsylvania“Exosomal PD-L1 in immune suppression and prediction of patient response to anti-PD-1 therapy”
BethanyHannafon  Assistant Professor of ResearchUniversity of Oklahoma College of Medicine 
AliKhademhosseiniPhD Professor of Bioengineering Chemical and Biomolecular EngineeringUCLANano-and Microfabricated Hydrogels for Regenerative Engineering
SunilKrishnanMD Professor, Department of Radiation OncologyMayo Clinic FloridaNano-Oncology
JuliaLjubimovaMD PhD Director of Nanomedicine Research Center
Department of Neurosurgery
Cedars-Sinai Medical CenterNano immunotherapeutics for delivery of check point inhibitors to activate tumor local immune system
MelissaLokugamagePhD student Biomedical EngineeringGeorgia Institute of Technology 
LaceyMcNally  Professor; Co-Leader, Stephenson Cancer Center Experimental Medicine and Developmental Therapeutics (EMDT) ProgramUniversity of Oklahoma School of Biomedical Engineering 
TamaraMinkoPhD Distinguish Professor and ChairRutgers, the State University of New JerseyNanotechnology Approach for Targeted Inhalation Therapy of Lung Cancer
DebabrataMukhopadhyayPhD Research Chair, Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Biomedical EngineeringMayo Clinic College of Medicine and ScienceImplications of carbon nanoparticles for potential biosensors and therapeutic applications
FabbriMullerMD PhD Associate Professor, co-leader Cancer Biology Program, Scientific Lead, Micro – and Nano – Scale Cancer Therapeutics InitiativeUniversity of Hawai’i Cancer Center,
University of Hawai’I at Manoa
“Extracellular RNAs orchestrate the biology of the Tumor Microenvironment”.
DeepakNagrathPhD Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical EngineeringUniversity of Michigan 
JimOmelMD Cancer Research Advocate  “A Clinician’s Journey from Physician to Patient to Survivor to Cancer Research Advocate”.
RajagopalRameshPhD Professor of Pathology
Jim and Christy Everest Endowed Chair in Cancer Developmental Therapeutics
Co-Program Leader, Preclinical Translational Cancer Research
Co-Director, Nanomedicine Program
Director, Small Animal Bioluminescence Imaging Core
Chair, Fellowship Training and Mentoring Program in Pathology
Oklahoma TSET Cancer Research Scholar
Member, NCI-Designated Stephenson Cancer Center
Stanton L. Young Biomedical Research Center
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine 
C.V.RaoPhD Professor, Department of Medicine Hematology/OncologyUniversity of Oklahoma College of Medicine 

University Distinguished Professor
Charles A. Goessmann Professor of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry,

University of MassachusettsBreaching the toughest barrier: Cytosolic delivery of proteins, nucleic acids and Cas9 protein/CRISPR machinery in vitro and in vivo
AliasgerSalemPhD Department ofUniversity of Iowa, College of PharmacyBighley Chair and Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
PaulShapiroPhD Professor & Chair, Pharmaceutical SciencesUniversity of Maryland – BaltimoreFunction-Selective Kinase Inhibitors: Targeting Outside the Catalytic Domain
JinJunShiPhD Associate Professor, Center for Nanomedicine and Department of AnesthesiologyBrigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical SchoolRNA Nanomedicine for Restoring Tumor Growth Suppression
AkhilSrivastavaPhD Assistant Professor, ResearchUniversity of Oklahoma College of Medicine 
SripathiSurebanPhD Assistant Professor of Research, Medicine GastroenterologyUniversity of Oklahoma College of Medicine 
JamesTomasekPhD Vice President for ResearchUniversity of Oklahoma College of Medicine 
AndrewTsourkasPhD Professor and Undergraduate Chair
Co-Director, Center for Targeted Therapeutics and Translational Nanomedicine
Co-Director, Chemical and Nanoparticle Synthesis Core,
Department of Bioengineering
University of PennsylvaniaTheranostic agents for cancer therapy: combining image guidance with photodynamic and sonodynamic therapy
TingXuPhD Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Department of ChemistryUniversity of California, BerkleyRational Design of Sub-20 nm Nanocarrier: EPR or Not

Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical


Tufts UniversityEngineering Lipid Nanoparticles for Gene Editing
BurgettAnthony W.G.Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and BiochemistryUniversity of Oklahoma   Drug Targeting of the ORP4 Protein: A New Precision Medicine Approach for the Treatment of Ovarian Cancer
SpanglerJamiePh.D.Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Chemical & Biomolecular EngineeringJohns Hopkins UniversityMolecular engineering approaches for cancer immunotherapy
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