Samir Mitragotri, PhD

Hiller Professor of Bioengineering; Hansjorg Wyss Professor of Biological Inspired Engineering @ Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Harvard

Samir Mitragotri has made groundbreaking contributions to the field of biological barriers and drug delivery. His research has advanced fundamental understanding of biological barriers and has led to the development of new materials as well as technologies for diagnosis and treatment of various ailments including diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, skin conditions and infections, among others. Many of his technologies have advanced to human clinical studies and products. At the same time, fundamental understanding developed through his research has advanced the understanding of the biology of barriers in the human body. His research has made particular impact on the following areas:

Transdermal drug delivery
Oral drug delivery
Bio-inspired nanoparticles for drug delivery
Bio-Synthetic Hybrid systems for drug delivery and Immunotherapy